A Bus Stand Pragraph Reading

2020-Nov-12 7:46 PM

A bus stand, we all know, is a place where buses “stand” or stop for some time to let people in and out. But, ironically enough, now-a-days it sometimes for hours. For this reason a bus-stand could otherwise be called a “people-stand”, if I am allowed to utter such an objectionable word. To their great annoyance, people often find themselves too many as compared to the number of buses needed to carry them. It is, indeed, a sad reality. Anyway, since people unwillingly have to wait here for some time, they form a gathering, gloomily waiting for buses. As a result, they are at least they feel so problems to themselves. The crowd becomes a source of utter boredom to each individual. And most undesirable thing happens when a bus comes: people indulge in competition by physical strength to secure seats before others attempt to do so. As a result, everybody causes everybody’s problem. That is why, as far as the bus-stands of our country are concerned, I call them places of social anarchy.

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