A rainy day (Paragrah Reading)

2020-Nov-12 7:46 PM

Torrential rains every now and then with invigoration coolness and rhythmic sounds, damp streets, fields, and houses, lively leaves and buds of trees and plants threes are some of the enchanting characteristics of a rainy day. To save the flora and fauna of nature from the scorching heat of summer, rains come down on earth with a refreshing touch. Nature, so long suffocated by heat and vapidity, gets rejuvenated. These, however, are the aesthetic aspects of the feeling gone has in such a day. A rainy day, on the other hand, is no less a nuisance, if considered from a social and economic point of view. People, for example, do not feel much excited and secured when, due to incessant rain and consequent inundation of localities, they not only cannot go out to work but also have to lose localities they not only cannot go out to work but also have to lose cons, cattle, and opportunities of work. Such a day, consequently create a mixed reaction in people’s minds. But when, it does not cause any financial tension, then the day becomes a unique time of enjoyment indeed.

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